Friday, October 28, 2005

Another great SP6 offer!

This one just arrived, folks!
- Heather

I am writing to you to present an offer for all Secret Pal 6 Participants.

My husband, Scott, & I own a knitting boutique in Tolland, CT, and we also have an Ebay store that services world-wide customers. We specialize in hand-made wooden knitting needles. I'd like to offer all Secret Pal 6 participants a 10% discount on all orders through November 26th.

This is the first time we've ever offered a discount~ it is well deserved by all the wonderful knitters I've met through this program.

Participants simply need to specify "SP605" when ordering, so we can adjust the invoice accordingly. Store site:

Michele Cady

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Please READ me~~

Here's the deal~
We are getting alot of emails regarding pals not emailing, sending gifts, replying to emails, etc.
Please, please, please at least tell your pal what is going on. They will be more understanding if you tell them what is going on in your life.
If you haven't sent must do so NOW!!!!
Please go say hi to your pal.
If you are concerned about not hearing from your spoiler, email them first, then ask for our (the hostesses) help.

Don't forget about the great specials from , , and .

Full Thread Ahead

Hollis the owner of is offering the following!
Here’s our offer for all SP6 participants. Full Thread Ahead is offering 15% off of any purchase over $15.00 for their secret pal by putting sp6discount at checkout. We’ll ship it right off to your secret pal! This offer will be good until the end of SP6 on December 4th.

Go over and say thanks for this great offer and get something for your pal....especially if you haven't gotten anything yet!

Thanks Hollis!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Okay SP6er's

We are starting to get emails from concerned spoilers and spoilees. Please take the time to say hi, it means a lot to the giver and the receiver! And if you have yet to send a package out, you must do so immediately...those were the rules and it isn't a fun feeling to look on the majority of the other blogs and see they have gotten gifties and you haven't. It could even start with a card, followed by a package, but please send something!!!! We understand that things come up in life, but your pals worry if they haven't heard from you!

Thanks for your help!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Look what Zephyrstyle has for your pals!!!!

Customized stitch markers...and they will send them anonymously with a card, just for you! Click the Zephyr button on the side bar and check them out.

"Here's what Sarah & Rachel from wanted you to know:" :

When you find the set you like enter the customized phrase or name in the field provided, and in that same field you can enter a short message that we will put on a little note card to send with the order.If you would like the package sent directly to your SP, simply enter your SP's information in the Shipping info section and Your info in the Billing info section, during checkout. If you'd like it to come to you first, just fill the forms out regularly.Any questions can be e-mailed to
Sarah & Rachel