Friday, October 28, 2005

Another great SP6 offer!

This one just arrived, folks!
- Heather

I am writing to you to present an offer for all Secret Pal 6 Participants.

My husband, Scott, & I own a knitting boutique in Tolland, CT, and we also have an Ebay store that services world-wide customers. We specialize in hand-made wooden knitting needles. I'd like to offer all Secret Pal 6 participants a 10% discount on all orders through November 26th.

This is the first time we've ever offered a discount~ it is well deserved by all the wonderful knitters I've met through this program.

Participants simply need to specify "SP605" when ordering, so we can adjust the invoice accordingly. Store site:

Michele Cady


Miki said...

I love how much attention and publicity the SP program is getting! Just shows how novel and how well this swap is loved.

And hurrah for the deadline date for this discount, it's my birthday!

cant_talk_knitting said...

missed out on signing up for this round. Is there a notification system to tell me when to sign up for SP7?