Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Update

Just a little update and a few reminders...

Remember this is SECRET PAL...please check your "anonymous" email addresses to make sure your name doesn't show up (I am not perfect, this happened to me last Also, You shouldn't reveal yourself until the end.

If you haven't received your partner yet, please wait until tomorrow evening to email us at

Please, if you have recieved your partner and haven't contacted them yet to say Hi, I'm your pal and I am really out here, now would be a great time. (Some people are getting worried)

The participants list is on the sidebar once again. If you are not there and have a pal, please contact us at the above email address with list in the subject.

ETA: Please don't forget to copy and paste the questionaire into your blog and answer the questions. We have eager spoilers looking for things to send to you:)

I hope this helps, and onward!