Thursday, October 27, 2005

Full Thread Ahead

Hollis the owner of is offering the following!
Here’s our offer for all SP6 participants. Full Thread Ahead is offering 15% off of any purchase over $15.00 for their secret pal by putting sp6discount at checkout. We’ll ship it right off to your secret pal! This offer will be good until the end of SP6 on December 4th.

Go over and say thanks for this great offer and get something for your pal....especially if you haven't gotten anything yet!

Thanks Hollis!

1 comment:

dragon knitter said...

i'm a good girl! i've sent my pal 2 sets of stuff (well, the first was the gc from kpixie). i don't know if she's gotten the second package, as shipping to canada takes longer. but i did buy her stuff! and i've gotten one package from my pal as well (crack rocks!)