Monday, December 12, 2005

Announcing Secret Pal Seven

Hi, everybody - we're pleased to announce that Secret Pal 7 is starting up. The deadline to sign up is January 4.

We've got a new batch of hosts for SP7, and they're asking for buttons - so please head on over to the blog to check it out:

That should about wrap things up for Secret Pal 6. If you have any outstanding issues with SP6, please email

On behalf of the SP6 hosting team, please allow me to thank you for participating. We hope you had fun!



noonie said...

And thank you very much for a wonderful idea, I have been spoilt rotten and hope my spoilee ahs felt the same.

Stuntmother said...

Thank you, from all of us. This was a great experience.

Daisy said...

Thank you for all your hard work - I've really enjoyed this Secret Pal (my first!)

Ina said...

Many thanks to all the SP6 hostesses! I had a wonderful time and hope y'all did too.

dragon knitter said...

i wanted to thank you lovely ladies for guiding me to another good friend. and i love the international part!